1 January 2009
H A P P Y ! N E W Y E A R !
I know I know! I will update soon...
25 March 2007
Major Update coming soon.
, Stories and a date for the next Dutch Flatlands Jam.
1 April 2006
Did you see the Concrete Wave Buyer's Guide 2006 already? Look closely and see me skate inside!
27 February 2006
Skating with Pierre-André was always great.
This week Pierre talks with Caught In The Crossfire!
11 February 2006
Did you ever wander how Peter Reintges looks like?
Or Shane Rouse? Check out Photo Page 6!
22 October 2005
Brasil Brasil Brasil Brasil Brasil!!!
See the results and more here…
11 July 2005
The next Dutch Flatlands Jam (#11) is held on August 20th. Location is Beursplein, Amsterdam…
11 July 2005
The next Dutch Flatlands Jam (#10) is held on July 23rd. Location is Beursplein, Amsterdam…
  25 April 2005
The next Dutch Flatlands Jam is held on May 7th. Beursplein, Amsterdam.
24 April 2005
Dutch Flatlands on TV. Check it out on Monday 25 April 2005. The channel is RTV N-H and Sportshake the program. A Clinic was the idea…
23 April 2005
You want a Dutch Flatlands Clinic in your town? Just send me an e-mail!
4 April 2005
Finally spring is here, a new season, new tricks, new friends and a new DVD 'Next Level'. Check it out!
11 November 2004
The teacher showed us what freestyle is really all about…
5 October 2004
I've updated Hardware-Boards page.
Used and NSO boards!
11 September 2004
With practically no preparation there was a contest scheduled in Holland.
13 August 2004
Dutch Flatlands Clinic. Finally, another one! Bernhard and Tim are helping me out. August 21th. See www.revert.nl for details.
13 August 2004
We go back in time, 1986 to be precise, and watch me skate…
10 August 2004
The next Dutch Flatlands Jam is held on August 22th. New location …
  12 May 2004
The next Dutch Flatlands Jam is held on May 29th. New location this time…
2 May 2004
New Trick! Today I was skating with my son…
15 March 2004
A real classic Trick Tip; Butterflip
7 March 2004
Need votes! You can help to give Freestyle Skateboarding more attention by voting for this site.
Funbox Awards 3rd Edition
  4 March 2004
Finally, a logo! You've probably noticed it already on the intro-page…
7 February 2004
World Freestyle Skateboard Association - You are invited to join WFSA, at no cost…
19 January 2004
Well, the roots of modern day skateboarding… keep on reading an essay about the development of Freestyle from the very beginning.
8 January 2004
Dutch Flatlands is this weeks site of the week at Skateboard.com…
2 January 2004
H A P P Y  N E W Y E A R
It was cold
and there was snow so I skated a little bit…
16 November 2003
Finally a real Trick Tip; Pauliño
24 August 2003
The freestyle level was very high…
17 August 2003
The third Dutch Flatlands Jam this year. Some guys from Germany…
28 June 2003
…it was in good shape. The artwork was still as bright I remembered it. Green to Yellow to Green. Real funky colors.
12 May 2003
An exhibition of 12 original freestyle boards.
Art and Freestyle
have never been so close!

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